“Franca Scala is set in a refurbished neoclassical building. Sitting on the balcony, you have a bird’s eye view over the old town. The cuisine is mainly Mediterranean and Greek and fresh ingredients from the island are used to prepare a variety of classic dishes that are served in elegant and spacious dining areas.”


“An excellent restaurant full of people from morning till evening, where celebrities usually dine. Delicious food is served in its lovely garden by friendly waiters, ready to satisfy all your requests. You can taste all Greek traditional specialties in Apollon’s garden, made of local ingredients straight from the owner’s garden. From stuffed vegetables to stews and seafood, Apollon Garden combines Greek cuisine with creativity, offering variety and real quality food, in the right place to have a really good time.”


“Angelos and Karolin welcome you in traditional tavern “AROMA”. When the taste meets tradition, homemade quality in the kitchen with 30 different appetizers, fresh local meat, fish and seafood. All dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients and olive oil production fromthe region of Parikia.”


“Daphne is located in a neoclassic building at the Old Market of Parikia, which was constructed in the 18th Century (1740). This is an ideal destination for dinner and drinks in the most beautiful garden in Parikia. The kitchen is basically Greek and Mediterranean, focused on local high quality ingredients.”


“A little vegetarian eatery with quaint name, the Happy Green Cow Restaurant is located in the harbor town of Parikia. This lovely venue has a casual and relaxing ambience that is perfect for informal dining. Although the menu is best suited for a vegetarian palate offering a wide choice of salads and vegetables, they have expanded the menu to include chicken and a few seafood dishes.”

  • LE SUD

“Le Sud opened in 2003, offering an alternative approach to Paros restaurant tradition. You can savor in delicious dinners in the garden of Le Sud, experiencing its inventive menu full of gourmet dishes. The ingredients are fresh and most of them local, but there’s nothing local about the eclectic cuisine of this elegant, petit restaurant in the centre of Naoussa, where French gourmet dishes will blow your mind away.”


“Located at the picturesque port of Naoussa this deluxe ouzeri offers several variations of Greek recipes featuring mainly fish and sea food dishes. In August, prior reservation is recommended.”