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About Kea

Kea is the westernmost island in the Cyclades, located only 20 km away from the mainland of Greece. This makes it a perfect place for a day trip from Athens. The island is mountainous with its highest elevation being of 567 m. Many fertile valleys grace the island.

Although the island is rather large, its population doesn’t exceed 2000 people. For this reason Kea is suitable for those holidaymakers who would rather not spend their time on crowded beaches.

Fertile soil of the island is suitable for agriculture. Vineyards, fruit orchards and fields of cereal crops are spread around the island. However, much of the nature is untouched, though not easy to reach. Take time to hike in the wilderness, stroll along narrow footpaths, climb up the steep slopes. Explore tiny coves and smaller bays. Enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

The village Chora in the inland part of the island is undoubtedly the most attractive place to visit. Buildings of a traditional Cycladic architecture along its narrow streets, museums are some of features of the village. An impressive castle that towers above Chora is also worth visiting.

Things to do in Kea

Scuba Diving
The most important diving site of the island is the wreck of the famous HMS Brittanic, the sister ship to the Titanic. The wreck is at the depth of 120 m. It is accessible only to the experienced divers. Strong sea currents also make this region unsuitable for beginners. They can try scuba diving only at some reefs and in underwater caves.

Lion of Kea
Various legends exist about the mysterious silent lion of Kea. One of them tells the story of the nymphs which got angry with the women of the island and decided to kill them. In response to the prayers of the major priest Zeus sent the lion which saved the inhabitants from the furious creatures. To commemorate the event grateful people raised the statue of a lion. It still can be seen on the island.

In ancient times Karthea used to be one of the major cities on the island. The walls of the ancient city and amazing monuments such as the Temples of Apollo and Athens are among the attractions frequently visited by tourists.

Koundouros beach
Koundouros is in the southwest of the island. The rocky beach alternates with small sandy beaches and bays, where sailing boats and yachts are moored. Several cafes and restaurants are located on the territory adjoining the beach. Koundouros is very popular with wealthy Greeks and celebrities, owners of nearby luxurious villas