Rent a Villa in Tinos

About Tinos

Tinos is a large island of approximately 200 square kilometres in size, located in the north Cyclades. Its population consists of 10.000 inhabitants.

Tinos is among most popular destinations for the orthodoxes. Every year, in August, on the day of Assumption of the Virgin Mary, thousands of pilgrims visit the island to take part in the liturgy, to kneel in front of the wonder-working icon of the Virgin Mary and touch it with deep reverence. Many of them even crawl all the way to the church. The number of pilgrims is gradually increasing.

Tinos is an attractive vacation spot, with old Cycladic-style villages in the mountains and sandy beaches. The northern part of the island has many small bays with sand or gravel.

The capital of the island is a lot different from other towns on the Cyclades as the streets are lined with tall buildings. The architecture represents the combination of the styles, characteristic of the northern Agais and the Cyclades

Prehistoric, classical and medieval archaeological sites can be found everywhere on the island. Venetian influence is also visible.

Evangelistria Church
The famous Panagia Evangelistria Church of Tinos, is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the Aegean and one of the most famous in Greece. It is a three-aisled basilica with three semicircular arches projecting out of the construction. The construction of the church began in 1823 on the spot where The Miraculous Icon of the Virgin Mary was found on January 30 of the same year according to a vision of the nun Pelagia.

Horseback Riding
Wonderful horse riding excursions lead you through picturesque hiking trails to the traditional villages of the island. You can go horseback riding alone, with your loved one or with the whole family, an experience that will surely remain unforgettable!

Kolymbithres Bay
The bay with its fine sand and crystal-clear water is located about 20 kilometers to the north of Tinos. The bay is sheltered from strong winds which makes it an ideal place for beach holiday seekers.

Extreme Sports
Windsurfing in Kolymbithres Beach, Climbing up the Exomvourgo Rock, or Scuba Diving at Kionia. Tinos has something to offer for every adrenaline seeker.