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About Zakynthos

The island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is located in western Greece and is the southernmost of the Ionian Islands. Steep cliffs and lush green shape the coasts of Zakynthos, just like the numerous beautiful bays and the crystal clear water of the Ionian Sea that surrounds the island.

Zakynthos is around 40 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide – a perfect size for exploring the island while on vacation. The landscape of the popular holiday island is mountainous, especially on the west side. The highest peak is the 756 meter high Vrachionas mountain.

The water in Navagio Bay is so blue, you might think someone has poured paint into the water. The white sand in front of it and the rocks around it contribute to the beauty of this bay, making it one of the top destinations on Zakynthos.

At the south end of the island you can visit the bay of Laganas and it’s wonderful sandy beach. The area was declared a national park in 1999 mostly because it serves as the egg depository of the critically endangered Caretta-Caretta turtle.

As much as the beaches invite you to stay there for the whole time of your vacation, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the islands Capital, Zakynthos Town with its charming harbor piers, the massive Agios Dionysus Church and the resistance memorial of two courageous islanders who saved the lives of many Jews in World War II.

Things to do in Zakynthos

Watch the Base Jumpers in Navagio Bay
Navagio bay is a famous location for base jumping, only with a special parachute as a backup. The fans of this extreme sport, which has often been fatal, jump from a height of 310 meters. Watching the base jumpers perform this dangerous stunt is a memorable experience.

Visit Zakynthos Sea Turtle Rescue & Information Center
The Sea Turtle Rescue & Information information centre has been designed to help inform visitors about the wildlife of the area with interesting and informative displays. The centre is built 100 meters from Gerakas beach, a popular nesting beach for turtles. In order to visit Gerakas and Turtle rescue centre, take a short bus or taxi journey from your accommodation or ask your tour operator for details of their organised visits. Full car park facilities available.

Take a boat trip to the Blue Caves
Within minutes from the little harbour at Skinari in the very north of Zakynthos you’ll be floating through a magnificent set of limestone sea caves and natural arches which can only be accessed by water. The name Blue Caves is due to the particular reflections of the water in the caves. Don’t miss the opportunity to jump in the waters for a special swimming experience

Visit the Byzantine Museum
The Museum of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art is the largest museum of Zakynthos. This is one of the few opportunities to see exactly how things were on the island before the catastrophic earthquake of 1953.