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  • Luxury Villa Alcestis in Ibiza
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  • Luxury Villa Casa Rocio in Ibiza
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About Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. With a diameter of barely 40 kilometres, Ibiza is an idyllic place with crystal clear water that tempts you to swim. Together with the neighbouring island of Formentera and several uninhabited, rocky islands, Ibiza forms the Pityusic Islands.

This Spanish island has 210 kilometres of coastline. There are both tiny bays and fine wide sandy beaches. But Ibiza has much more to offer than just the sun and the sea.

Ibiza is a dream destination for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy parties, have a cultural experience or just to relax, a visit to Ibiza will meet your wishes. Romantics can stroll through the narrow streets of the town and enjoy the atmosphere. Younger visitors will most likely enjoy the lively nightlife of Ibiza, which makes it the capital of parties in the Mediterranean

Ibiza, the green island where spring never ends, offers tourists a diverse mosaic of scenic beauty, a variety of cultural traditions and beautiful sandy beaches.

Things to do in Ibiza

Visit to the hippie market in Es Canar 
The hippie market in Punta Arabi is one of the best markets in Ibiza. Every summer Wednesday you will find a lot of items made in hippie style, fancy jewellery, food stalls with delicious little treats. Live Music makes the whole experience more exciting. This unique market is ideal for families as it has an area for children to have fun.

Las Salinas Beach
The sandy beach of Las Salinas is a long strip of coast known for its beach bars, where relaxed melodies from the Balearics resound. This trendy beach in Ibiza is crowded heavily during the summer months.

Santa Maria Cathedral
The Cathedral of Santa Maria towers over Ibiza Town. The view of the entire city, the harbour and the sea from the magnificent church compensates for the hard ascent to the sacred temple. Some passages turn out to be challenging to master your step due to the cobblestones and the steep course of the street, leading to the summit.

Party on the Sea
If you have booked a holiday in Ibiza, you would like to experience at least once the legendary party scene up close. A good alternative to the cities Night Clubs is a sea voyage on one of the Party Boats. You can spend the whole day on the high seas and enjoy the finest club music sound and taste delicious cool drinks.