“Maereio Restaurant continues a Mykonos family tradition of running a restaurant with “Meraki”, the Greek word that translates best as “loving attentiveness.” Run by twin brothers who are sons of one of the most famous of all Mykonos chefs, the Maereio is a small, intimate space that offers personalized service and the finest quality meals. Hidden away in a maze of streets in Mykonos Town, the Maereio serves family recipes that are closely guarded secrets and the hidden feel of the cozy restaurant makes you feel you have truly uncovered one of the secret treasures of Mykonos.”


“Reinvent the pleasures hidden in simplicity. In Fokos Tavern, the owners admit they are old fashioned. They remember how it used to be when holidays in Greece were supposed to mean getting back to basics. Basics like lazing on an unspoiled beach, cooling off in the clean Aegean and enjoying good food with good company at the seaside. Fokos beach is the perfect setting to catch that feeling and Fokos Tavern is there for you. The menu features traditional Greek cuisine, unique salads, grilled meats, fresh fish and homemade desserts. Enjoy!”


“This hidden little tavern over AgiosSostis beach is destined to become the favorite haunt of those seeking quality in the simple and the traditional. Kiki’s Tavern is famous for its steak and roast chicken (which are only dishes served here) and its authentic hospitality. The menu also contains various salads. Well worth a visit, if you want to see what the island has in store, apart from tasty gourmet restaurants!”


“Mykonos boasts plenty of Italian restaurants, but La Cucina di Daniele has for years ranked at the top of the class. Daniele’s, as locals and regular guests prefer to call the place, is named after Daniele Chiantini, who originally hails from Sienna, Italy.  An acclaimed gourmet chef, Daniele uses top-quality ingredients (including many organic products) to create simple but sophisticated dishes that Italian and Mediterranean food aficionados frequently describe with one word: “superb.” Daniele’s pasta and bread are home made, and the restaurant boasts a vast wine cellar with a wide selection of vintages from Greece, Italy and France.”


“Located in the center of Mykonos, the sun-drenched honeymoon capital of the Mediterranean, Nikos Tavern is one of the most popular dining spots in the area. In a sheltered location of Mykonos town, Nikos Tavern offers both indoor and outdoor seating with a spacious patio. The proprietor, who gave his name to the establishment, sets the example for his staff with a gracious and accommodating presence. The pelicans, who wander around the outskirts of the patio eyeing the potential for a scrap of fish, give Nikos Tavern an authentic Mykonian character.”


“Tsaf, one of the most well known fish restaurants in Greece, decided to move to Mykonos and brings its secret recipes for its seafood and fish delicacies! It is located in graphic in AnoMera square, among other taverns.”


“Bandanna was one of the first Mykonos restaurants to actively promote cooking with local products. Owner GianlucaBarlucci has also been a longtime

advocate of healthy lifestyles and eating, which is why he sources many of the restaurant’s ingredients from his nearby farm. Located at Kalafatis, Bandanna is a combination of Italian restaurant, Tuscan pizzeria and bar. Pasta and pizzas made from hand-rolled dough are the restaurant’s most popular dishes.”


“When in the mood for the most famous local delicacy, also know as souvlaki, one can find many choices in Mykonos. Kalammakia is the most famous among locals because of its delicious chicken gyros, pork gyros, lamb kebap, beef kalamaki and corn bread. You can find it in AnoMera, having tables indoors and outdoors and offering take away and delivery as well.”