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About Korčula

The island of Korčula is one of the largest and most interesting in Croatia. Its Capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Dalmatia. Due to its location, the island has a mild climate, with almost year long sunshine. In addition to the unique nature and the numerous beaches, it attracts visitors thanks to its rich cultural heritage.

The coast of Korčula has numerous bays and is surrounded by small islands. Τhe southern part of the coastal line is stiff with high reefs in the streamline. The northern part of the coast is slightly rugged and is not suitable for ships to moore.

The historic district of the capital, built in the era of the Venetian Republic, has been perfectly preserved. The old town with its narrow streets, idyllic restaurants and picturesque old buildings gives the city a dreamlike flair. Strolling along the narrow streets will make an unforgettable impression on you.

Korčula is blessed with richness of wild nature. With its diverse fauna and fish-rich sea, the island is a real ecological paradise of the Mediterranean.

The island has also rich cultural heritage. In and around Korčula you will come across interesting museums, beautiful old churches and the remains of the city wall, which formerly served as a defense against enemy attacks. Local cuisine, being basically Mediterranean, however has its local peculiarities.

Things to do in Korčula

Sword-Dance Festival
The island is also popular with tourists for the Moreška dance performance. The Moreška, a traditional “sword” dance is, actually, a mock battle, where participants, engaged in it, fight over the fate of a young woman. The dance dates back to the medieval times. Originally performed on special occasions, in modern times Moreška is entertaining spectators once a week.

In 1994 the annual Sword Dance Festival was founded and took place until 2004. It was suspended for a decade and was resumed by the Korčula Tourist Board. All dance groups of the island take part in the Festival.

Visit Pupnatska Luka beach
The beach of the bay Pupnatska Luke is, probably, the most beautiful beach on the island. Located in the southern part of Korčula only 15 km away from the Korčula town, this magnificent beach is accessible via a narrow road.

The combination of crystal clear water with fine gravel covering the most section of the beach makes it a perfect place for relaxing, suntanning and swimming, especially for families with little children.

Visit Marco Polo’s House
Korčula is the homeland of the famous medieval traveller and explorer Marco Polo. His descendants belonging to the respectful Depolo family still live on the island. The birthplace of well known fellow-townsman is accessible for visitors. It is worth climbing steep narrow staircase of the old house, as there is the most spectacular view of the Town of Korčula from the top of the building.